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FACE. Skincare With Purpose



FACE. is an extensive skincare line created by UL Cosmeceuticals. When they first contacted me they did not even have a name for their new product line. Together we brainstormed, developed the name, branding style and package design. Once the products were developed, I worked with the product manufacturer, to create individual labels for each of the 33 products. After the labels were printed and applied to the various bottles, I created digital images for each product to be used in their marketing. I've also created custom website graphics for their e-commerce site, social media images as well as designed posters and point-of-purchase signage.


Although this is a medical grade skincare line, it was important that the design of the packaging was aesthetically pleasing enough that customers would want to display it on their vanities rather then hide it away. So I made sure the primary colours of the design were black and white. A combo that would most likely compliment any décor. 

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