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The design services I provide for my clients are extensive.

I hope this glimpse of my portfolio provides a strong understanding as to

what I am capable of with regards to my skills and qualifications.

Having over twenty years experience working with small and large companies and organizations, I have developed a wide range of skills that will meet, and exceed the expectations of my clients.

Trisha Oldfield, Graphic Designer + Owner


Hi I’m Trisha! Thanks for being here! As you may see, I have a lot to offer! My graphic style is clean and fresh with a strong talent for information design. I can digitally manipulate images and easily create custom illustrations and infographics. I work fast and smart and with the help of my education in marketing, I always try to create my designs for the targeted market they are intended.

I am a confident yet friendly person who knows how to relate to many different personalities. My experience as a business owner has also taught me to be proactive, organized but most of all hardworking. If any of what I am saying appeals to you and you think I would be a good fit to help you with your graphic design needs? Please reach out!

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